Crossfit Kids 26.11.22

Warm Up Games Surfing Stick Game Abmat Tig Movement Throwing wall ball backwards for height Burpees for height Box Jumps Seven consecutive broad jumps Hopside side jump spin bands rhythmic hurdles Strength Strict press 1rm   Workout In Pairs Hitmill 100m 20 Burpees 20 Pressups 20 Airsquats Throw and catch wallball ten times Piggy back […]

CCX FRIDAY 25-11-22

CCX FRIDAY 25-11-22   WARM-UP: 8:00 EMOM Min 1: CV of Choice Min 2: 10 Light Deadlifts + 8 Push Ups Min 3: CV of Choice Min 4: 5 Burpees + 10 Box Step Ups    WORK-OUT: (YGIG AMRAP) Complete as many rounds in 30 minutes as you can of: – 4 Deadlifts @120kg/80kg (These […]

CCX Wednesday 23-11-2022

CCX Wednesday 23-11-2022   Warm up: (9 Mins) Round 1: 1 Min Row/Ski 1 Min Barbell Good Mornings 1 Min PVC Dislocates Round 2: 1 Min Row/Ski 1 Min Strict Press (Slow Lower) 1 Min Front Squats Round 3: 1 Min Row/Ski 1 Min Downward Dog to Cobra 1 Min Cossack Squat   Strength (12 […]

Crossfit Teens 22/11/22

Warm Up Running around – High knees, lunging, hopping, burpee broad jumps, heel kicks Mobility Weightlifting 1 rm hang clean then full clean complex Workout 1 30 hang clean for time Gymnastics Emom Circuit Ring Dips RMU off toes Russian Dips on box TTR Workout 2 20 Alternating Dbell snatch 10 OHS with Dumbell Bike/row/ski […]

Strongman Kids 21/11/22

Warm Up Plate pinch while partner runs two lengths. Switch then repeat on opposite arm Perform 20 synchro squats 10 Banded bicep curl each arm, slowly lower for 5 seconds 3 rounds   Strength Part A 5 sets 5 reps Zercher Squat   Metcon 25min Amrap Aim for 4-5 rounds 60m Hitmill weighted, walk backwards […]

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