CCX FRIDAY 11-6-21


Warm-Up: 5:00

5:00 Bike – Starting with then every min on the min complete

3 Med Ball Deadlifts

3 Med Ball Front Squats

3 Med Ball Push Press


Work-Out Prep: 12:00

Build to todays working load for “Macho Man”

3 Power Cleans

3 Front Squats

3 Push Jerks Or Press

*Goal is to go as heavy as you can but can complete unbroken.


Work-out: 15 Round EMOM “Macho Man On Wheels”

Min 1: 12/11/10 Cal / 10/9/8 Cal Bike (No longer than 40 sec)

Min 2: Weight lifting Complex “Macho Man”

*Score is total completed rounds



Crossfit Clitheroe