CCX MONDAY 26-7-21

Warm-Up: 3 Rounds

20 Banded Good Mornings

20 Banded Side steps

5 Back Squats

5 Good Morning Squats


Weight Lifting: Back Squat

15:00 To Establish a 5RM Back Squat


Work-Out: Mary

20 Minute AMRAP


10 Alt Pistols

15 Pull-ups

*This a high skill work-out so for many its going to require modifying and scaling.

HSPU – Choose either a scale for range of movement, reps or a double Dumbell push press.

Pistols – Scale by completing Alt Box Pistols, or using a band across the squat stand. Keep the scale so each leg is working independently.

Pull-ups – The volume is high so we are looking for the most efficient way to work. Jumping pull-ups will allow for speed and to keep the heart rate high. If you can do pull-ups but 15 is just to many then choose a rep range that you can maintain. Alternately work your pulling strength with a heavy SDHP 

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