TempleFitness 15-04-21

TempleFitness Weights Program

Thursday – Shoulders

3 x 8 Seated DB Strict Press – RPE 7 – Rest 1:00-1:30 (Tilt inner DB head upwards, point elbows slightly forward as opposed to straight to the sides)

3 x 8 Seated Lateral DB Raises – RPE 7 – Rest 1:00-1:30 (Think about holding watering cans; Point DB Downwards slightly with elbows higher than hands)

3 x 8 Bent Over Single Arm DB Flys – RPE 7 – Rest 1:00-1:30 (Very similar movement to bent over DB rows, difference is the arms should go straight out to the side with the DB head pointing down. Think about stretching your chest, taking the arm away from the midline of the body)

3 x 12 Forward EZ Bar Raises 

       12 Upright EZ Rows – RPE 6-7 – Rest 1:00 (There should be no need to change weights. Do your best to pause at the top of each rep, holding the weight up/out)


3 x 10 Forward DB Raises

       10 Lateral DB Raises

       10 Rear DB Raises – RPE 6-7 – Rest 0:00-1:00 (This is meant to completely burn out/pump up the shoulders to finish. Only do this if you feel you can)

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